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    This week I spent three days doing work experience at Sapphire Coast Marine Discovery Centre.

    On my first day at the centre I met the lovely Kerryn, Cameron and Tony. Keryn showed me around the centre and started teaching me how to open the centre in the morning. My first task was cutting and folding small school holiday program timetables and then placing them into a brochure. Afterwards I had a little bit more of a look at the exhibits and tanks, which by the way are awesome! I also sifted the sand on the beach combing table. At 12:00 I watched the fish feeding and I got to feed the Clownfish. More people arrived and Cameron did a touch tank session, which I sat in and watched. At the end of the day I redid a cover and title page for an article about Eric Nerhus. Eric was an Abolone diver who was attacked and swallowed up to his torso by a Great White Shark in Eden NSW. Amazingly he managed to fight off the Shark and survive. Heading home for the night I was already excited for day 2!

    Day 2 I arrived and went through the centre turning on all the tank and exhibit lights. Finishing redoing the cover page and title page I set out to accomplish my next task. My next task was cutting and painting little frames for the decorating crabs activity. I met Di and I acted as a tour guide with Di, walking around with a group of visitors.

    On my last day, I met Paul. Kerryn and I headed up to the Eden lookout, where we handed out binoculars and joined the whale watching. We saw numerous whales breaching out on the horizon, it was an outstanding morning. In the afternoon we had two school groups come in, one was doing a fish dissection and the other was having a tour. I stayed with the group around the centre. The students got up close with Mara the octopus. Later,  I was allowed to put my hand in the tank with Mara, which was an amazing experience, she is super strong!

    At the end of the day I was sad to leave because I had an amazing time at the centre, it was very educational and fun! I recommend that if you have an interest in marine life you visit the Sapphire Coast Marine Discovery Centre.
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    Kerryn has been employed at the Discovery Centre since 2011 and is currently responsible for management of the Centre , is the Volunteer co-ordinator and a qualified Snorkel Instructor. Kerryn shares a great passion for the marine environment and is happy to take anyone snorkelling, anytime :). Kerryn has a an Associate Degree in Coastal Management (SCU) and a Masters in Writing (Swinburne, VIC)