• Research

    A major role of the SCMDC is to “facilitate research into the temperate marine environment”.  We now have a marine laboratory to support visiting researchers and students. The lab is equipped with the following:

    • stainless steel benches
    • fresh water and deep work sinks
    • overhead power
    • basic microscopes
    • storage areas
    • refrigerator and freezer
    • wireless broadband internet
    • staff on hand to assist

    Exclusive use of the laboratory is charged at $100/day (inc. GST).

    SCMDC staff also have a broad range of contacts to support researchers and students. We have strong links with local industry and community and can assist in organizing volunteers to help with your work if required.

    We are now seeking funding to install a saltwater flow-through system to add to these facilities.

    Have a look at some possible research projects within the Sapphire Coast.

    If you are interested in using the lab, please call the office on 02 64961699 or email: research@sapphirecoastdiscovery.com.au

    If you are planning on visiting the Sapphire Coast region to conduct research, please call in to the centre or make contact with us!


    Research Advisory Network

    We have established a comprehensive list of researchers from across Australia and internationally to provide expertise and advice on a wide range of subjects.

    We often call on this expertise to help SCMDC continue to grow into a centre of excellence.

    Do you have something to offer?

    If you are interested in joining our network, please email: admin@sapphirecoastdiscovery.com.au