• Work experience at SCMDC

    by  • June 7, 2013 • Announcements, Volunteers

    Eden Marine High School Work Experience students Lachlan Brown and Courtney McPaul with the beach combing table that they re-organised during their week at the Centre.

    Our names are Courtney McPaul and Lachie Brown from Eden Marine High School. We are currently in year 10, the year for work experience. We chose the Sapphire Coast Marine Discovery Centre for work experience because it sounded interesting and we both like marine life and water based activities.

    While at the SCMDC for a week we learnt new things which were interesting, such as what it would be like to go to uni, some interesting animal facts e.g. some animals lay eggs and some have pouches, how anemones catch their food and how seastars eat. We also got to feed some of the animals e.g. Starfish, fish, crabs, anemones and sea urchins. We went on an excursion with Marine Scientist Sheree and Pambula Public School Environmental Group, to teach them about the importance of catchment management for the oyster industry.

    Sheree took use to Aslings Beach to collect more specimens for the touch tank which is really popular with young kids. So our week at the SCMDC was awesome and we learnt a lot from the staff and the things inside the Discovery Centre.


    Located in Eden on the Sapphire Coast, the Sapphire Coast Marine Discovery Centre a temperate climate marine education and research centre.