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    In the lead up to our Annual Marine Science Forum on the 28th and 29th of May, we will feature a post about each of the scientists presenting this year.hwbf-eventbrite-button

    This week we would like to introduce you to:

    Doug Reckord

    Principal at Bournda Environmental Education Centredougbin


    Are you playing the GAME OF THROWNTM away stuff that is contaminating our oceans?

    Let’s be honest, even if you are one of the few individuals who claim a “zero-waste” lifestyle, the reality is that the overwhelming majority of people in our modern society generate large amounts of waste that they are scarcely aware of.

    So the first step of our journey is to build awareness about where harmful marine debris comes from and what we individually and collectively can do to help reduce the problem.

    “But I’m already aware!” I hear you say, which is fantastic because we are going to need you on board to help others become more aware of the need for positive action!

    We enjoy one of the most beautiful marine environments in the world, and our economy benefits from having a clean marine environment for visitors to enjoy, so how does our daily use of plastics reflect our role as stewards for this precious resource? Are we cleaning up the debris that is there? Are we encouraging others to do the same? Are we personally and collectively showing the leadership that will make a difference?

    The recently released Commonwealth Government Senate Report (April 2016), Toxic tide: the threat of marine plasticincludes the recommendations:

    “that the Australian Government explore opportunities for increased regional leadership and direct support on the issue of marine plastic pollution… (8.50)

    and recommends that the Australian Government, through the meeting of environment ministers working group, encourage all jurisdictions to support the implementation of targeted education campaigns which aim to change consumer behaviour in relation to the use of plastics, and to provide consumers with information regarding alternatives to traditional plastic. (8.65) 

    Let’s not wait to be asked.  The Sapphire Coast Marine Discovery Centre has created a great opportunity for us to take the initiative and show our leadership in protecting the marine environment.

    Let us make the commitment in this workshop to be the leaders of preventative measures, clean ups, education programs and whatever else it takes to end the Game of Thrown Away Stuff!

    There are fantastic local resources and initiatives already in place that will help you reduce your person plastic pollution!

    Bring your knowledge, experiences and resources to share.

    And if you turn up with a take-away coffee cup with a plastic lid – look out!  Winter is coming!



    Doug Reckord is the Principal of Bournda Environmental Education Centre, a science teacher and a person who loves the great outdoors.  He is passionate about working to keep our environment free of plastic and has regularly organised Clean Up Australia Day activities on Sapphire Coast Drive. Bournda EEC works in close partnership with the Canberra Region Joint Organisation of Councils (CBRJO) and the South East Resource Recovery Group (SERRG) on waste education activities with schools. Doug gets distressed seeing our beautiful beaches and waterways needlessly contaminated by plastic waste and dreams of a plastic free world! When he’s not bike riding, kayaking or bushwalking, he is probably thinking about the next opportunity to do so.

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    Marine Education Officer for the Sapphire Coast Marine Discovery Centre. A qualified marine scientist and educator with a Bachelor degree in Global and Ocean Science obtained from the Australian National University and a Graduate Diploma in Science Communication.


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