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    As part of the 2019 EDEN WHALE FESTIVAL
    The Sapphire Coast Marine Discovery Centre and UnderseaROV
    is proud to present its premier screening of the delightful film,
    Through the Garden of Eden trilogy.

    Friday 1st & Saturday 2nd November

    Session and Opening times are as follows:
    Friday 1st November
    Centre Opens 9am
    Film Session #1 9am – 945am
    Film Session #2 11am – 1145am
    Film Session #3 1pm- 145pm
    Fish Feeding Demonstration 12pm
    Centre Closes 4pm
    (Cruise ship in port from 6am)

    Saturday 2nd November
    Centre Opens 1030am
    Film Session #1 11am – 1145am
    Film Session #2 1pm – 145pm
    Film Session #3 2pm- 245pm
    Fish Feeding Demonstration 12pm
    Centre Closes 3pm

    PLEASE NOTE the Marine Discovery Centre will
    ONLY be open these days for FILM GOERS only.
    Cost of the film includes FREE ENTRY to the Centre
    $5 Children
    $10 Adults
    (no concessions)






    the Sapphire Coast Marine Discovery Centre
    is proud to present the


    The Underwater & Marine-themed
    Photographic &
    Film Festival

    25th MAY 2019 9am – 5pm
    @ Club Sapphire, Merimbula



    The SCMDC  are excited to be welcoming award-winning, talented and passionate underwater and marine-themed photographers to share with us their passion of the oceans, seas and water-ways through their stunning visuals and personal, inspirational and heart-warming stories.

    Introducing our very special guest presenters for this years forum:

    Sheree Marris

    SHEREE MARRIS -presents the entertainingly titled: “High speed – Feeding,  fighting and fornicating”
    See how using high-speed videography is revealing the secrets of some the oceans most fascinating animals in spectacular detail. Think the fastest biological processes on the planet, feeding strategies of the world’s deadliest animals and epic orgies that would make any land lover blush!!

    If Sheree had her choice, she would have gills instead of lungs, a breath hold to rival the sperm whale and a sparkly green mermaid-esque tail. Since she doesn’t she spends most of her time blowing bubbles and developing innovative environmental projects and bridging the gap between science and the public. A marine biologist Sheree is one of Australia’s most passionate and dynamic science communicators sharing her quit wit and humour of the natural world through radio talk-back, television appearances and producing documentaries. She’s also a former Young Australian of the Year and award-winning author with several publications including KamaSEAtra – Secrets of Sex in the Sea, a humorous read about the unique reproductive methods of sea creatures and the parallels they share with humans.


    Richard Wylie’s Seadragon

    RICHARD WYLIE presents  Zen and the Art of Seadragon Maintenance”.
    Richard is an award winning Australian Geographic photographer and lecturer at Monash University with a shared passion and love for our oceans and the myriad of marine creatures that live in the watery realms of our planet.





    Love every day as though you might Dive – PT Hirschfield

    PT HIRSCHFIELD  also known as Pink Tank Scuba is a writer, photographer and lives by the motto, “Live every day as though you might dive”, PT’s thought-provoking title,  The Scuba Vs Tumour Adventures of PT Hirschfield (aka Pink Tank Scuba), is sure to capture your heart and mind.

    PT Hirschfield is a real life Mermaid, scuba magazine writer and award winning underwater photographer who is passionate about sharing images and stories from her regular marine life encounters. Her goal is to foster greater awe and understanding of all that lies beneath the ocean’s surface, encouraging others to develop a greater sense of custodianship towards the ocean’s hidden treasures. PT believes that bridging the disconnect between ourselves and the ocean can play a vital role in our health and well-being, both on an individual level and for the health of the planet as a whole



    Kieran and Ian Holmes, and David Rowland

    UNDERSEA ROV team DAVID ROWLAND,  IAN & KIERAN HOLMES  will be be presenting the humorously titled, “Urchin Action. Kelp me Omega-3……you are my only hope. Filming for the future of us all.” Despite the self-confessed nerdy title, the subject matter is much more serious as the undeseaROV team shine a light on the urchin barren problem in our area. Weather permitting, we hope to share with  forum participates a live feed from ROV in water, to landlubbers on seats –  showing a snapshot of underwater classroom possibilities and education to the big screen (as seen in Through the Garden of Eden shown recently  at the Eden Fisherman’s Club)





    Peter Hannan

    PETER HANNAN – Sapphire Coast local photographer and ocean conservation advocate, Peter spends several months a year living and photographing some truly incredible scenery in Iceland.
    Join Peter at the  “Underwater and marine Photographic and Film Festival” where he will share some of his stunning images and talk about the impacts of humans as he has observed over the years in Iceland.





    David Rogers

    DAVID ROGERS Sapphire Coast local and self described “over enthusiastic landscape photographer”, took out the #8 most viral image last year on Australia.com page with his stunning picture of bio luminescence in Tathra. David’s mini-presentation titled “‘The Impact of Photography for Social Media” will explore  how powerful and thought-provoking imagery viewed on social media can change the way we view and appreciate our world.





    Louise Kelly

    LOUISE KELLY – of Louise Kelly Seascapes and Underwater portraits, is a local Eden marine underwater photographer, ocean lover and mum who captures incredible images via her underwater Portraits, Surf Photography, and Dive Photography, along the pristine waters of the Sapphire Coast and beyond.






    Join us at Club Sapphire, Merimbula for an inspirational and exhilarating day of stunning visuals, heart warming and adventurous stories and all followed up by an informal and fabulous dinner at Wheeler’s Seafood Restaurant at the Sapphire Coast Marine Discovery Centre’s 10th Annual Marine Science Forum for 2019.

    Saturday May 25th. Tickets on Sale now. Saturday May 25th.









    Planning is well underway for the 2018 Marine Science Forum!
    Come along and hear some amazing speakers, watch incredible presentations and have some fun at the Forum Trivia Night

    We will be re-exploring the themes of human induced problems in our oceans, a subject matter gaining much attention with tv such as War on Waste and Sir David Attenborough’s Blue Planet II. We will find out if our oceans are getting better or worse, what impacts humans are having, catch up on new research and all in a fun and informative atmosphere. Find out what you can do to save the very thing that gives the whole planet life – our ocean.