• Possible Research Projects

    Limited marine research has been conducted along the Sapphire Coast of NSW.

    In 2005, a report was commissioned by the Sapphire Coast Marine Discovery Centre titled State of Knowledge of the NSW Sapphire Coast Marine Environment (Dalton 2005) highlighting the research undertaken to date on the Sapphire Coast.

    The report highlights a number of research gaps. The following possible research projects are suggested:

    • Examining the present condition of estuaries along Sapphire coast to assess whether there has been a decline in estuary health over time
    • Comparison of marine assemblages on regularly frequented rocky shores compared to regions that are regarded as pristine to assess the level of impact visitation has on rocky shore assemblages
    • Effects of anthropogenic factors on benthic marine environments adjacent to coastal developments
    • Determining the distribution and dominance of different subtidal marine habitats in a number of sheltered and exposed areas
    • Effect of the removal of cunjevoi for fishing bait on the abundance of associated marine species
    • Effects of modification of the natural habitat on the marine community and ecosystem
    • Monitoring impacts of habitat destruction, pollution, climate change and/or  recreational fishing on commercially important fish populations
    • Establishing a monitoring program to determine sustainability of recreational fishing industry

    The projects listed above are ideal for Honours projects. SCMDC are able to assist and support Honours students studying in the area.

    There are many more potential research projects that could be conducted along the Sapphire Coast. For more information feel free to contact our Research Co-ordinator by phone (02) 6496 1699 or email research@sapphirecoastdiscovery.com.au