• Speaker Spotlight #4

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    In the lead up to our Annual Marine Science Forum on the 28th and 29th of May, we will feature a post about each of the scientists presenting this year.hwbf-eventbrite-button

    This week we would like to introduce you to:

    Karen Raubenheimer

    PhD Candidate, ANCORS, University of Wollongong

    Forum presentation: How can the world control marine plastic debris?KRaubenheimer_Profile2

    Pollution of the marine environment has been globally regulated for decades, yet the volumes of plastic waste entering the oceans has increased. Why has the international policy framework failed and can policy bring us closer to a circular economy for plastics?


    Karen has conducted numerous underwater cleanups, leading her to enrol in a Masters of Environmental Management and moving on to complete a PhD thesis titled “Towards an Improved Framework to Prevent Marine Plastic Debris.” This research investigated the shortcomings of the international and regional policy framework in protecting the marine environment from plastic pollution. Areas for improvement were identified and a new global policy response outlined to begin shifting the burden of environmental harm onto the plastics supply chain.


    Marine Education Officer for the Sapphire Coast Marine Discovery Centre. A qualified marine scientist and educator with a Bachelor degree in Global and Ocean Science obtained from the Australian National University and a Graduate Diploma in Science Communication.


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