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    The Annual Marine Science Forum took place on May 2 & 3 and was a great success.

    All participants had a great time and thoroughly enjoyed the presentations and activities.

    We had a great line up of speakers for the event from marine science institutes and universities around Australia.

    Below are pdf copies of the presentations from the weekend for everyone that couldn’t be there and those that want to relive it.

    Professor Natalie Moltschaniwskyj
    Climate change in the marine environment: Moving home in a huff

    Professor Barbara Norman
    Living with climate change – what are the risks and sustainable solutions?

    Professor David Booth
    Invaders from the North: 15 years of monitoring tropical fishes on the Sapphire Coast

    Katherine Schmutter
    What can we do about ocean acidification on the South Coast?

    Dr Mike Raybould
    Saving our beach recreation from climate change

    Professor Andy Davis
    Deeper, faster, cheaper: technology revolutionises 21st century marine biology


    Marine Education Officer for the Sapphire Coast Marine Discovery Centre. A qualified marine scientist and educator with a Bachelor degree in Global and Ocean Science obtained from the Australian National University and a Graduate Diploma in Science Communication.


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